Wrapping up in Cincinnati

When I envision vacation, I always dream of having time to catch up on my hobbies.  Things like reading books, writing blog posts and crocheting.  Unfortunately those things never seem to happen; with the exception of crocheting, which can easily be accomplished during those hours in the car.

All that to say, sorry if you were waiting in great anticipation for the next set of vacation photos!  We are home now and although time is still of the essence, I can at least get up in the morning without waking everyone in the hotel room!

We wrapped up our time in Cincinnati after four nights.  We did a little shopping, lots of swimming and plenty of eating!  We even visited the downtown riverfront park after dark, a rare treat for my children who spend most of the summer going to bed while it’s still light out.

The best little gem of Cincinnati was the discovery of a Tim Horton’s coffee shop.  Timmy’s is my favorite Canadian coffee shop and has amazing donuts and coffee.  If you live in Cincinnati and haven’t tried one yet, check it out!

Anyway, here’s the pictures.  (Hover over the image for captions.)  Enjoy and I’ll try and get the next set posted soon!


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