I Shall Not Want

I only have a minute so this is going to be brief, but listen closely because this is so important.

This morning I have been using the Bible app to listen to the Psalms.  I have been reading through them as part of the Read Scripture app and this morning I felt God impress upon me to just listen to the Psalms being read.  Can I challenge you to do the same?  Listen for those words and concepts that are repeated over and over.  These concepts reveal so much about the character of God.

But what I really wanted to share comes from Psalms 23.  The Lord is my Shepherd…  Many of us know this Psalm, we might even have it memorized and this is great, but we must be careful with familiar scripture, that we don’t gloss over words of importance.  It’s easy.  I have heard and read and probably sang this Psalm a hundred times, but this morning something caught my attention and it is this.

“The Lord is my Shepherd; I shall not want.” Psalm 23:1

You know what word I would rather see here?  Do.  I’d rather the verse said, I do not want.  But you see, that’s not the case.  David wasn’t saying he didn’t have wants, he was saying that despite his needs he is making the choice not to want.  This verse is not reality but rather a command.

Because the Lord is my shepherd I will make the choice not to want.  Even though I don’t have all I need, even though there is evil in the world, even though things don’t turn out like I think they should; I shall not want.

Contentment in Jesus is a choice.  It doesn’t come because we have all we need.  It comes because despite all our needs we choose to say, “Your will, Your way.  Whatever you want God, it will be enough for me.”  When we truly get to this point, the green pastures and the still waters will be ours despite the storms that rage!


One thought on “I Shall Not Want

  1. “Because of my Shepherd, I have no need of want” –Oh what a Savior, this Jesus is mine…that He should love then bestow so much upon this soul of mine. If only we lived like it…we say, yet act like an unbeliever as often in fear of lossing when in reality it is undescribable gain. Christ is worth it!
    Loaded & undeserved, yet humbled & overwhelming blessed. Complete in Him! Thank you for sharing…even in your few moments. Lord bless you sister in Christ!


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