Bad News Can’t Keep Me Down

For the righteous will never be moved…

He is not afraid of bad news; his heart is firm, trusting in the Lord.

His heart is steady; he will not be afraid, until [one day] he looks in triumph upon his adversaries!!

Psalm 112:6-8


Did you hear that?  As children of God we don’t need to fear what we hear; good news or bad, God is mighty and in control.  Life doesn’t always go the way we hope or plan, but God says we can (and must) remain firm in trusting his way.


We also must be brave. Cowering in the corner hoping it works out doesn’t count.  This is the kind of brave you see on the cover of a Disney DVD.  Hands held high in victory while the enemy lies slain on the ground.

Because that’s what the last verse says.  Our brave faithfulness pays off on the day we stand victorious over our bad news.


Not IF we stand victorious but WHEN.  The outcome of this war we fight has already been determined.  We will lose some battles but the war, it has already been won.

Fear and worry must go.  We cannot live as Christians and allow these emotions to rule us.  We must live in the confidence that Christ is orchestrating each moment.  It will work for His good.  Each moment is part of the plot line He is writing.  We may not like how this part of the story is going but, like Moses at the edge of the Red Sea, we can stand with our arms held high and wait to see how God gets us through the river of fear!!

One thought on “Bad News Can’t Keep Me Down

  1. One thing I’m learning, His Spirit can profoundly witness to our spirit concerning some great Biblical truth or personal revelation, but our minds and emotions don’t always want to immediately come into agreement. The evidence of maturity is when we agree with His Word and Spirit regardless or our own thoughts or feelings concerning the matter.


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