Lonesome Pine God Moments

I just found this in my draft box. It’s a list of blessings God provided when we purchased our house in Indiana. I started writing it close to three years ago. I never finished my list, but thought I’d share what I have anyway.

  1. Bilco doors.  If you don’t know what they are, picture Twister and hiding in the cellar.  They were on the hubs wish list if we ever built our own house and on very few of the houses we ever looked at.
  2. Our cell provider works…well!  And after talking to our new neighbors it turns out AT&T is really the only company that works there.  And what is even more amazing is that less than a mile from our house the signal completely bottoms out, but we have a strong, clear signal every day!
  3. In the country yet easily accessible to a major state highway.  Good both for travel and future business endeavors.
  4. A wood burning stove…in the garage.  On the hubs mandatory list but not my ideal for a primary heating source!
  5. Pasture and woods with outbuildings already in place!  Not just a giant yard to mow.
  6. Timing.  We closed September 30th, the hubs started vacation two days later.  A vacation that, ironically, we were unable to save money for.  Good thing since we didn’t ever leave town for long.
  7. Budget.  Our house payment has actually decreased.
  8. Space.  Bigger house but not so big that we feel totally isolated from each other.

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