Stone It To Death

The Old Testament.  Where does your mind go when you hear those words?  I know for years my first thought was, "Ugh, it's so old and boring.".  But over the course of my life, two things have had a great impact on the way I perceive the Old Testament.  The first was a college professor, Dr. … Continue reading Stone It To Death

The Lying Game

A monster has taken up residence in our home and its name is Liar.  Our six year old son has picked up a terrible habit of not speaking the truth.  The frightening thing is, he's darn good at it.  Often times, the only reason I know he's lying is because I already know the truth. … Continue reading The Lying Game

On the Run

Do you ever find yourself running from God's commands?  I'm not talking about those who are living a life that is obviously full of sin and rebellion; I'm referring to those who call themselves Christian and yet choose not to obey when God calls them to something they just don't want to do. If the … Continue reading On the Run