Kill the Sugar

I sat down at the computer a few hours ago to work on finances for our church. It’s a job they pay me for so I do my best to be diligent in completing the work.

However, last month slipped by and I forgot to complete my reports. Fortunately this has no consequences expect that this month I have to work twice as hard.

So, as is my tradition, I made an iced coffee and poured myself a bowl of chocolate chips and headed for the frightening world of finances.

But a strange thing happened this month. I COULDN’T FINISH THE CHOCOLATE OR THE COFFEE. Because…It was Just. Too. Sweet!

Now how is this possible? The only answer I have is Plexus Triplex. I’ve been using these products for just over a month and my sugar cravings have almost disappeared!! And the days like today where I try and consume sugar…I just end up with a headache and a sour stomach.

So, all this to say…break the hold that sugar has on you.
Try Triplex today!!

*Coffee/Chocolate photo by NordWood Themes on Unsplash*


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