Oh How Sweet it Isn’t

If you think the foods you eat don’t make an impact on the way you feel, listen to this story.

We eat too much sugar in our house.  This is a fact I’ve known for quite some time but for various reasons just never dealt with the issue.  Sugar is particularly dangerous for me because my pancreas does not process glucose the way it should.  When I eat too much my body doesn’t recognize it until it’s almost too late and then all the insulin dumps at once, causing a major blood sugar crash.  It’s not good for my body, my mood or anyone that happens to be near me at the time!

Back in June I started using Tri-Plex from a company called Plexus.  The triplex is a combination of three supplements, which when used together has been shown to regulate blood glucose levels and minimize sugar cravings.  (More on the details of the supplements later.)  Within days I noticed a difference in my body.  My glucose levels and thus my moods were more regulated in the morning.  Everyone in my house was much happier!  And the reality is, the products did stop my sugar cravings.  Before triplex I could pretty well tell time by when I needed a snack…particularly in the afternoon.  Within weeks of using the product I began to experience a sensation that was strange to me…it was hunger!  My blood sugars had stayed level for so long that I got hungry before I had to eat for maintenance.  This may sound odd to many but I can honestly say this has probably only happened a couple of dozen times in my adult life!

Then it happened.  I had PMS.  There is just something in a woman’s makeup (or at least mine!) that causes her to crave, I mean truly crave, sweets.  So I thought, well, I’ll just have a little.  A Dove chocolate, some Nutella spread on a graham cracker.  Honestly, it wasn’t much…but for several weeks I hadn’t fed my body any.

And like any addiction it was so easy to fall back into the trap of eating sugar.  One hormonal day changed to another and I kept allowing myself “little bits” of sugar.  The problem was, I allowed them ALL THE TIME.

Now during this time I was still using the supplements but honestly wasn’t seeing any difference.  I was torn.  I had seen them work but now, about a month and half in they were failing me miserably.  My mornings were back to being an emotional roller coaster, I was putting on weight and my cravings had returned with a vengeance.  Did the company trick me?  Did they somehow create something that worked just long enough to cause me to buy in?

Then one day I had a revelation.  It wasn’t the products at all.  It was me.  The PMS ended but my “little” indulgences did not.  I wasn’t eating nearly as much sugar as I had in the past but it was still too much for my body to process.  One day I stopped and thought about all the little things I had consumed that day and was in shock at how much sugar it actually was!

In that moment I had a realization.  The thing I love about Plexus in also the thing I hate.  See, Plexus products were created to enhance a healthy lifestyle.  There is not one product that is a miracle cure.  There is not one product that will take my junky, lazy lifestyle and give me the energy and health body that I desire.  Not one.

So I made a decision.  I’m done with sugar.  Not until the next PMS week or the next birthday party but forever.  It’s just not worth it.  The two to three minutes that I will enjoy the taste of a cupcake is not worth the energy depletion that I will feel afterwards.  The deliciousness of a bowl of ice cream is not worth spending the next day yelling at my husband and kids.

I’ll still eat a bowl of cereal now and again.  I might even have a treat on vacation if we find something amazingly cool, but then again, most of my family would be just as happy trying a new flavor of cheese!

This is my story.  It’s real and it’s true.  And it’s likely your story as well.  As a society we eat too much sugar and too much junk food.  We overload on carbs and under load on vegetables.  We drink pop instead of water.  Then each day we wonder why we wake up exhausted and can barely make it through the day.

Is it time for a change in your life as well?  Maybe you are one of those amazing people that can just decide you want a healthier lifestyle and with sheer will power and determination you can make it happen.

But if you are like the rest of us, you might need a little help.  Is it time to give Plexus products a try?  Shoot me an email so we can chat!




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