Cincinnati Zoo

We as Americans take a vacation, but many countries refer to this break from the norm as a holiday. You know, I really like that term. The word vacation conjures up thoughts of sight-seeing, long hours on the road, terrible (for you) meals and its own form of stress. Holiday, on the other hand feels relaxed. A break or hiatus from all that is common.

As a couple and then as a family we have had many vacations, but this feels like one of our first holidays.

On a whim we decided to head out four days earlier than planned. With no reservations and no particular place in mind (at least for the first several days) we set our sails east. Late Saturday we landed at a hotel in Cincinnati, complete with free breakfast, an indoor pool and a room with a separate bedroom! Thank you Father for these little blessings.

So here we are…four days and no agenda except the zoo! We’ve laughed and loved more than we have in weeks! I’ll soon be writing the story of our new home purchase and although an amazing God story, still a very stressful time. So a holiday is exactly what we have needed. Eating, swimming, laughing, a little shopping and lots and lots of animals!

Here’s a brief picture summary of our trip to the zoo. Enjoy!


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